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Liverpool Girl Geeks is a company that thrives to inspire women and girls to join the tech business. They state that if we don’t act now, by 2040 only 1% of the tech sector will be women.

In 2013, Rebecca Jones and Chelsea Slater asked “Where are all the women in tech?” and the answer was nowhere. In response to this, they started multiple workshops for women and girls, teaching them coding and other aspects of the tech industry.

Since 2013 they have built a website and Facebook page, grown their team, left their jobs to work on the project full time, found a place to call “home”, and expanded their courses for women and girls throughout Merseyside and now own a fully functioning business. 

Girl Geeks have a growing team of bloggers, coders, gamers, marketers and teachers. They run multiple workshops, events and courses focusing on inspiring women and girls of all ages.

They have secured themselves sponsorship from Tech North, enabling themselves to give up to 50 women the opportunity to learn coding absolutely free. SKY has also recently sponsored their tech boot camp for teens. Other sponsors include PlayStation® and Co-op.

We hope that Liverpool Girl Geeks will continue to inspire girls everywhere to join the tech industry for years to come!