Hannah Alexander had been working in financial services for about 15 years when she decided on a crucial career change and become a Travel Consultant for Not Just Travel’s Franchise.

Hannah was fed up of her 9 to 5 job and wanted to do something exciting. She had caught the travelling bug before getting married, exploring the world 17 years ago. She also knew that organising and booking business trips was a part of her role when she worked in finance. As a result, she was able to combine her organisational skills and passion for travel to find the perfect job, it was like the role of a travel consultant was made for her!

It all began when Hannah spoke to Steve Witt and Paul Harrison, co-founders of The Travel Franchise; although she knew travel was something she was passionate about, when it came to such a big career decision, she knew she needed to get plenty of information and advice on the next steps to take. Starting her own business with The Travel Franchise was not something Hannah took lightly.

"My previous job was having an impact on my family, not being able to be there for my children after school three days a week became too much. Joining The Travel Franchise I was able to work from home, making me available for my family, it was too big of an opportunity to by pass.” – Hannah Alexander.

The Travel Franchise is growing extremely fast. In 2016, one new business owner joined every three days. In January 2017, The Travel Franchise’s sales were up more than 250% from the previous year. Franchisees are thriving and as a direct result the commission rate is also up to higher than 350%. They provide a tried and tested, ready-made business plan that supports all franchisees and their businesses.

“I love being a part of Not Just Travel’s Travel Franchise, booking people their dream holiday and providing a level of service that you no longer find in the travel industry is what Not Just Travel exceed in." – Hannah Alexander.

The company offer incentives such as the money back challenge; proof that their business model works. If the franchisee achieves a certain level of income within a year of joining the franchise, they get their full franchise fee returned to them; the best of our knowledge, no other franchise in the industry does this!

Hannah has gone on to be a hugely successful travel consultant, completing the money back challenge early this year. She hopes to inspire more women into not only starting a business but ensuring It’s something you enjoy and can be passionate about.

“Don’t let any thing hold you back, my worry was always my family and my children, now look, I get to spend more time with them as well as doing something I love.” – Hannah Alexander.

To find out more about Hannah’s success story and details on how you can start your own business, visit www.the-travel-franchise.com for more information.