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Jeanette became aware of civil celebrants when she travelled to Australia to attend the wedding of her sister who used an experienced, local celebrant. The service was superb, summing up the unique relationship between her sister and her husband in a way that touched the hearts of each of the guests.

Having led a full and rewarding career in secondary education as a Year Manager working mainly in behavioral management and fostering over 60 children, Jeanette decided to take early retirement and use her caring and nurturing nature to become a civil celebrant.

Mentored by the wonderful Terri Shanks Jeanette excelled through Funeral, Marriage and Family training earning the compliment of having the rare gift of vocal musicality.

With no prior business knowledge Jeanette took to researching how she would go about starting her own business, setting goals and gathering the tools she would require in order to thrive in today’s financial climate.

Jeanette freely admits that what she does “will never make her a millionaire but working with families through the best and worse times of their lives outweighs the monetary gain.”

To anyone starting out in business Jeanette states that research is the key to success, from target markets and business plans to cultural ceremonies, you can never do too much. Having the persistence and confidence to succeed is a crucial driving factor when starting you own business and it is vitally important to make yourself known.

Jeanette is professionally trained and is a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. She conducts ceremonies throughout the North West.

Her website is: