Ema Wilkes is a woman who saw what her community needed and decided she wanted to help. Neo Community Café & Catering (www.neocommunitycafe.org.uk) was founded in 2013, starting as a small café in the heart of Leasowe offering healthy, nutritious food at a reasonable price as well as job and training opportunities. A small business determined to do their part to alleviate food poverty and excess waste.

Their efforts were soon recognised and they began to grow, offering their community assistance and support. The first food crisis bag was handed out in October of their founding year.

Neo Community Café & Catering is especially active during school holidays and the Christmas period. Families who receive free meals during term time can find themselves struggling to make ends meet, particularly during the longer holidays. Neo Café helps by collecting surplus from supermarkets and distributing it to those who need it most. They reported giving away nearly 800 free meals in just the first three weeks of the summer school break. Their websites offers some truly astounding statistics that show the real impact this project has had on its community.

The impact of Neo Cafe was further recognised when Ema won the O2 Community Impact Awards during the Merseyside’s Women of the Year Awards 2016.