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Beginning as a care assistant, Nanette Mellor has devoted herself and, despite coming from an underprivileged background, has worked her way up the career ladder and smashed through that glass ceiling.

Being a campaigns manager for a disabled charity in London, Nanette fought rigorously against disability discrimination, cuts to local services and regularly lobbied the government for positive change.

She eventually moved back to the Northwest and took the position of Chief Executive Officer at Neurosupport, a struggling charity that likely would have closed within six months.

Neurosupport, now named the Brain Charity, soon began to flourish again under Nanette’s dedicated care and as of now is rapidly growing in size and resources.

In 2015, Nanette was nominated for one of Merseyside’s Women of the Year awards, and did indeed win The One Ark Social Impact Award; she has been working with disabled people for over 20 years, a truly inspiring length of time.

Nanette is kind, compassionate person with an impeccable business sense and a core of steel when it comes to her charity work. She has had a positive impact on society for many years and will hopefully continue to have such an impact for many more.