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Louise Gillespie is most obviously a shrewd business woman. Despite launching during the 2010 recession, Jessie’s Jewels has seen steady growth and, indeed, looks set to go further.

This Prescot based shop was started by Louise was an attempt to offer her then 15 year old daughter future financial security and independence, an endeavour that has most certainly been successful. Louise managed this whilst reeling from an expensive divorce and working four days a week.

Selling costume jewellery as well as accessories for bags and hair, the shop has been flourishing. In just three years, Louise has gone from selling at small events to having almost 30 concession cabinets in salons, spas, and hairdressers across the region and she’s used her success to support other local business and charities.

Following on from her business accomplishments, in 2013, Louise was nominated for and subsequently won the titular Woman of the Year Award at Merseyside’s Women of the Year awards and was almost immediately asked to become a Patron Of Amy and Friends, a Liverpool based charity that offers support to children and families living with Cockayne syndrome, she even receives special thanks on their website for her work as an Ambassador of the cause.