January is traditionally a time when we make enthusiastic plans and set exuberant goals only to abandon them shortly afterwards. New productivity tool Aliya is here to make sure that this doesn’t happen in 2018.

 Although the name might suggest a robotic ‘helper’ along the lines of Siri or Alexa, Aliya is in fact a super-useful evolution of the traditional diary, developed by business mentor and author Emine Suleyman to help ambitious individuals achieve their goals.

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Suleyman, who founded an international sales and promotions business while still in her 20s, hit upon the idea for Aliya after embarking on her own fruitless search for a product that combined a traditional diary with journal, goal planner, habit tracker, sketch book, ideas logbook and motivational tool all in one.

The result is a highly practical and stylish tool suited for all savvy businesswomen.

For those yet to determine their direction, Aliya offers structured steps to get going with confidence. There is a dedicated section at the beginning of the journal for ‘defining life purpose’, which requires the user to carefully consider and answer the essential question every aspiring entrepreneur should ask themselves: “what does it mean to be successful in my life on my terms?”

From that starting point, there’s space to log monthly reflections on progress, and to set and monitor goals on an ongoing basis. At end of each month, there’s a handy section for reflecting on the successes, failures, and reasons for these – something that will help instill a profitable lifelong habit for regular review and adjustment – as well as space to record gratitudes.

Suleyman, also the author of Goal Setting Journal: Your Past Present and Future, is a passionate advocate for mindfulness and she has incorporated a number of simple yet effective practices into Aliya for readers to benefit from, along with motivational quotes to keep spurring users on across the year.

As a hugely successful young entrepreneur who built up a multi-million pound business with no start-up funding, all within the space of a few years, it’s clear that Suleyman knows a great deal about turning business dreams into reality.

Key to this, she says, is organization. Indeed, Aliya quotes financial planning expert Dave Ramsey’s insightful assertion that ‘A goal without a plan is just a dream’.

If you are serious about success within the next 12 months then this multi-functional planner will soon become a trusted, and valued, companion.

Aliya by Emine Suleyman is out now in hardback and available at www.planmyvision.co.uk, priced £25.