An increasing number of UK women are choosing careers as dentists and their jobs provide them with average annual salaries of £45,918. 75 percent of these women report a high level of satisfaction with their careers, according to the British Dental Association.

Since dentistry careers offer good pay and personal fulfillment, women should consider this niche when planning out their educational and career pathways. While females are still out-earned by men, to the tune of roughly £10,000 per annum, dentistry does offer rock-solid business opportunities, in addition to good work-life balance.

Which women will excel in this field?

Women who excel in dentistry have an aptitude for maths, biology, physics and chemistry. Those who are interested in becoming dentists need to achieve impressive A-levels in all these subjects. Then, they need to access approved degrees in dentistry. BCHd and BDS degrees are examples. It takes five years at dental school to become qualified, plus a year or two of supervised practice. When these steps are complete, a woman may access formal registration via the General Dental Council. Once a woman has registered, she will be able to practice. A private practice is a business that may evolve over time. A female dentist may begin with NHS dentistry and then transition to private dentistry.

Female dentists enjoy good work-life balance

At present, 47 percent of dentists in the UK are female. Women who want to join their ranks need to be aware that competition for spots at dental schools, which teach students how to perform an array of dental procedures, is fierce. Strong academic performance before application to dental schools is essential. A dental career also offers the freedom to take breaks now and then. Work-life balance is possible in this niche and many dentists in the UK do opt for career breaks, to become mothers, or to take care of elderly relatives, or for other personal reasons.

UK women are excelling in this field

The Dentistry Top 50 2018 is a UK survey that ranks the most influential members of the dentistry community. UK women are earning high positions on this prestigious list. In the number two spot is Sara Hurley, who heads the NHS dental service. Liz Kay works as the Associate Dean at Peninsula Dental School and she is at number 6 on the list. A successful cosmetic dentist, Andrea Ubhi, is at number 15. While pay equality between the genders needs improvement, women are making inroads in this field. They represent almost half of all dentists in England. Women are winning power and respect by rising to the top in the dentistry field. They are wonderful role models for younger women and girls. 

Girls should be encouraged to pursue dentistry

Since a career in dentistry will provide a woman with so many opportunities to excel, girls should be made aware of the advantages of dental careers while they are still quite young. Parents who want to encourage their daughters should offer support by helping their girls with math and science subjects. Women are a force to be reckoned with in the UK dentistry niche. They may someday outnumber male dentists and possibly out-earn them, too.