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Variety, the Children’s Charity, is looking for nominations for its third annual Variety Catherine Awards.

The awards, which will take place in the London Marriot Hotel on the 13th November, are dedicated to recognising the myriad contributions from women in business and philanthropy while raising awareness and funds for disabled and disadvantaged children throughout the UK.

Variety are looking for nominations for inspirational women in business who may fall under one of the following categories:

Rising Star Award: This award is open to women who are making a difference in their chosen field and are the ‘women to watch’ for the future. The winner could come from any area of business and can be an owner or manager in a company. We are looking for the next generation of inspirational professionals.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award: This award recognises women who have ‘done it their way’ by founding and running their own company and have worked to achieve significant results in their chosen field.

Finance and Banking Award: This is a category for women who have shown outstanding success in the finance and banking sector. The judges will be looking for evidence of the highest level skills and achievements in their field, anywhere from personal, business or public finance and banking.

Professional Services Award: This award will go to a woman who excels in professional services sector. You could be an accountant, lawyer or chartered surveyor, or other areas of professional services. Whatever your profession, judges will be looking at evidence on how you have overcome the challenges of your job and how your achievements are contributing to the success and growth of your company. You could be a sole practitioner or working for an international company.

Creative Industries Award: This award reflects and acknowledges Variety’s historic links with show business while also acknowledging the evolution of entertainment, the arts and design into a cross disciplinary industry. The Catherine Awards wants to recognise the success of women across entertainment whether in film, TV, theatre, design, arts, photography, architecture, advertising and marketing, music, video gaming, or publishing. This award will celebrate innovation and seek out women who have made significant impact either for their clients or on any part of the Creative Industries in general.

Science and Technology Award: We are looking for a woman who has succeeded in the world of science, engineering and technology. You could be on the first rung of the ladder or leading a team. Show us how you have grown and inspired others.

Retail and Fashion Award: The judges will be looking for an inspirational woman anywhere from the high street to couture fashion business or retail sector in general. A winner could be running a business or a team, in traditional or on-line retail.

Inspirational Award: This category is for a woman who has acted as a role model in their chosen profession both inside and outside their organisation. The entry needs to demonstrate business, social and philanthropic success which could be coming from any type of business; non-profit or public sector. The award will go to a well-rounded individual who can demonstrate that there is a life after work.

Sports Industries Award: We are looking for a woman who has succeeded or inspired those in the sporting field be it journalist, athlete, coach or manager. This award will go to a woman who excels and delivered success.

Women’s Empowerment in the Workplace Award: We are looking for an organisation that has shown an outstanding contribution to harnessing women’s potential in the workforce and taking a lead to highlight the business case for diversity.

If you have a suitable spokesperson or client to nominate, please complete this simple form which is on Variety’s website and get involved in a spectacular evening for a wonderful cause.