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Each year, Frank Recruitment Group put together unique research which looks at how people working with Microsoft technologies feel about the industry.

In terms of diversity in the work place, our findings show:

  • Only 53% of respondents believe that their employer pays both men and women equally
  • That percentage drops to just 33% for female Dynamics professionals
  • In terms of general, non-salary related treatment: 79% of men felt that male and female team members were treated equally by their employer
  • However, just over half of women agreed to this above point, highlighting a disparity in perception in terms of equality in the workplace

One anonymous respondent, who works as a Director in Illinois said:

“Women are hired but don’t get an equal voice in decision making, even though we may carry an equivalent title. We make less and are listened to less. I don’t think my employer means harm, but it happens regardless, and that trickles down to the rest of the staff’’.

To give you some further background on this research:

  • Each year, we release our annual global salary survey, which encompasses SharePoint, Skype for Business, Office 365, Business Intelligence and Azure
  • This unique report gives insight into the salaries, benefits, bonuses, trends, sentiments and motivations across the worldwide ‘Microsoft Technology for Business’ Partner, ISV and Microsoft end user communities
  • 2018 marks the 10th year of the salary survey, and is the world’s largest, and most comprehensive Dynamics salary survey
  • This year’s data has been collected from a total of 14,025 sources: which span a wide range of job titles, industries, Dynamics technologies and geographical locations from 87 countries.

In terms of the wider report, key findings show:

  • 82% of respondents who have experience with Dynamics 365 said they would recommend it to others
  • 54% of respondents have a Microsoft certification with 61% holding a Business Applications certification
  • 61% of Partner respondents reported an increase in workload over the last 12 months, up 3% from 2017
  • 56% of respondents believe years of experience in Dynamics had the greatest impact on earning potential
  • 68% of respondents said they are happy in their current role but are open to new opportunities

On the subject of diversity, Frank Recruitment Group CEO, James Lloyd-Townshend has said:

‘‘Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is at the forefront of the technology industry agenda. A number of our customers share the same challenges around recruiting diverse workforces that are reflective of modern society, and they look to us to provide a solution. Alongside sponsoring events such as the Women in IT Awards, we launched our successful Returnship Program which places professionals into Dynamics roles who have been out of work due to a variety of reasons, such as starting a family or fulfilling caring responsibilities.’’