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The female-owned startup is on the rise and some pretty neat products and services are coming to the fore, breathing fresh new life into the business world. Around 45% more women went into business in the last decade and the figure seems to increase as women leap at the chance of escaping the corporate grind in favour of pursuing their own thing. But it takes a special set of skills in order to achieve this feat. In order to get the most out of a business venture, it’s important to employ some effective mind tricks to overcome even the toughest mental obstacles.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

One of the biggest misconceptions about getting into business is developing a thought that everything has to be perfect. One of the greatest barriers to enterprise in the UK, is the fear of failure, attributing to around 43% of the population affected. This means that there is a large portion of entrepreneurs who would like to take the leap as an entrepreneur, but the fear of failure is holding them back and at the heart of that fear, is the unrealistic expectation that everything needs to be perfect before jumping in with both feet. While it’s important to establish the feasibility of the business as well as taking facts and figures into consideration, perfection will only lead to inaction.

Learning to Say No

One of the biggest stress factors in the workplace includes a workload that is unmanageable. For entrepreneurs, this can only happen when they are unable to say no and take on more than they can manage, which often leads to low-quality workmanship and dissatisfied customers. The rework then causes more stress as this was time that was not initially part of the equation, which leads to a cycle of poor performance, stress, and unmanageable workload. The inevitable outcome is burnout or business failure. For entrepreneurs, avoiding burnout is critical and taking time to recharge is fundamental to the success of the business. Learning to say no to too many projects is a fundamental part of restoring the balance. 

A Happy Mind Leads To A Productive Workspace

Business owners who desire to increase effectiveness and productivity, should increase their CHE (Calm, Happy, and Energized). This is according to 94% of the respondents on a recent study done by Harvard. The effect of these three components has an undeniable ripple effect through a business and a successful outcome is inevitable.

Business owners often place themselves under pressure to perform as the expectations they have on themselves is often far higher than an employer would have. A healthy approach to the challenges of business, setting boundaries, and taking care of mental health all work hand-in-hand for a better business environment.