Cath Daley and The Hunger Project UK invite you to join us for the Rethinking What's Possible interactive two-hour workshop to explore cutting-edge lessons in leadership through the inspiring stories from village partners of The Hunger Project UK.

The workshop takes place in Liverpool on Thursday 1st September at 4.00 p.m. with registration and refreshments from 3.30 p.m. 

The Rethinking What's Possible workshop will challenge your assumptions about what's limiting your capacity. You will discover how The Hunger Project works with women and men who are transforming their entire communities despite having limited resources, education and positional authority. We will also invite you to consider your role and involvement in the end of hunger.

The workshop is led by Internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after educator  Dr Joanna Martin.

"When witnessing the work of The Hunger Project in Bangladesh I expected to feel pity, perhaps guilt at the life I led. What I didn't expect was to be profoundly humbled. The tenacity I witnessed moved me to reconsider my own life, my ambitions and where I was getting stopped. The most poweful leaders I have met come from the most unlikely places. We can learn much from these women and men and their bold leadership. I look forward to sharing their stories so that you can rethink what's possible in your own life"  Dr Joanna Martin

 The Rethinking What's Possible workshop will:.

  • Recalibrate your perspective with examples of what’s possible in your life

  • Challenge your assumptions about what’s limiting your capacity

  • Explore why your mind set is key, and how entrenched beliefs can be transformed

  • Share the inspiring stories of our village partners

  • Give you insights into the work of The Hunger Project and invite you to consider your role in ending hunger

Every single day The Hunger Project's village partners around the world are making the courageous transformation from hunger and dependency to sustainable self-reliance. Through our unique approach to leadership, individuals shift into a mind set that has them taking ownership of change.

This same ability to move from "I can’t" to "I can" to "We can" is now available for you too.

"Rethinking What's Possible takes the idea of 'teach a man to fish' and flips it upside down, sideways and backward. Instead, leaders from rural villages halfway across the globe are teaching us -- about the world and about ourselves. What can we learn from the rural poor that's useful in our own lives? A dazzling amount."

Kevin Salwen , Author of ‘The Power of Half’

The Rethinking What’s Possible workshop is for companies and individuals who want to lift the lid off being extraordinary.

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