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Room Suitability – Sometimes it’s not enough to glance at the website, why not arrange a visit to the venue to make sure that the room your considering fulfills your requirements.

Equipment – Review the equipment required whether it be a laptop or a projector, if there’s something you don’t see ask the coordinator if it is available and if there is a additional cost.

Changes of Schedule – if there is a change in your schedule it is important to let the venue know as soon as possible so that it can be accommodated into your day.

Additional Extras – If you hiring a flipchart check what comes along with it, some venues require you to hire the pens and pad at an additional rate.

Breaks – make your venue aware of when you and your delegates will be taking breaks so they can make this process as streamlined as possible.

Early Set Ups – Need time to prepare? Why not ask the venue if you can come in earlier to ensure everything is set up and meets your requirements.

Details – Fill out as much information as possible on the booking form. The more information a venue has the more you will be able to relax on the day.